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e-Books & Publications Scotland

Welcome to e-books Scotland the new web site that is all about promoting a wide range of electronic publications, from books to magazines and leaflets. As a Scottish company, e-publications Scotland is all about allowing the reader the opportunity to share in the exciting new electronic reading phenomenon with e-books set to become the biggest thing since the computer was invented.

E-reading is the green way to read just about any publication at the click of a mouse, and while the purist paper lover will never give up on tree-gobbling books, the electronic revolution is growing by the day.

E-books Scotland aims to offer you quality e-publications with all sorts of interactive features including audio, video and live links. Once you have selected the title from the different sections, you can add them to your unique e-book library and begin reading and collecting your own comprehensive e-library. You can browse your e-library and read your books at any time of the day no matter where in the world and you can do so via a variety of e-reader platforms, which include our automatic on-line page-flip reader to many handheld devices.

Read your e-book, 24/7 anywhere around the globe on a:

Desktop or Laptop eBooks
Mobile Phone eBooks
Tablet or Ipad ebooks
Desk Top or Lap Tops.
Mobile Phones
Tablets such as IPads

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